2017 Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship (Apply Now!)

Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship

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Created to enhance educational opportunities for the trades

The Remodelers Council (RC), a council within the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont (HBRANV) seeks to promote the construction industry and its related fields by encouraging life-long learning through the development of The Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship.  This scholarship provides the winning recipient the opportunity to attend the JLC LIVE event by covering the cost of travel, show entrance and lodging.

The Remodelers Council created the Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship in memory of Brendon Cousino (1984 - 2015).  Brendon, a highly skilled carpenter craftsman, was passionate about furthering his skill and talents through continued education and training. 

“The JLC LIVE event attracts thousands of residential construction professionals from across New England to perfect their skills and build their businesses by networking with exhibiting companies, getting up-to-date practical information in conference sessions, and attending hands-on training at live build clinics. JLC LIVE provides industry professionals with two lively exhibit halls full of exhibitor demonstrations and LIVE installation and building clinics, hands on training and technical discussions. www.jlclive.com”

Scholarship Information:

Scholarship is merit based

  • One individual scholarship will be awarded per year
  • Scholarship covers the cost of travel, lodging and entrance fee to JLC LIVE and must be used for such
  • Scholarship application deadline is November 1st at 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the HBRANV Annual Meeting held in January each year.
  • Eligibility will be made on a case by case basis, and reviewed by the selection committee.

A Testimonial from the 2015 scholarship winner:

            "I am truly grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to attend the JLC Live Show. I spoke with many vendors in turn presenting my employer with knowledge about quality and cutting edge products we may choose to implement, such as Starborn screws, Advantech foam adhesive, and LP Smart Siding (which I particularly liked).  I was also able to attend live demonstrations on deck building, stair stringers, exterior finish crown moulding, and columns. I found most helpful the show on how to properly apply joint compound, which is a skill I am currently working to develop.  I thank you for investing in me and furthering my knowledge in this industry. It was a wonderful experience."

To apply send completed application to:                                                                        

HBRANV - Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship Program

Attn: Executive Officer

PO Box 934

Williston, VT 05495


802.876.6200 office 802.876.6204 fax


Scholarship Application Information:

  • NOTE - Applications received without the following information will be considered incomplete and discarded:
  • Completed, signed and dated application, submitted on or before November 1st to the above address
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from individuals not related to applicant
  • One letter must be from a professor, instructor or employer (employer definition may include a project manager, supervisor, general contractor). 

In lieu of the above, a professional recommendation can also originate from a qualified not-for-profit such as Habitat for Humanity, Resource or Rebuilding Together*Greater Burlington, Board of Director or Executive Officer or testimonial from a previous client. 

  •  Education/Employment/Activities Information or Resume
  •  Honors/awards received
  • Other activities (civic and volunteer)

Synopsis:  Include career goals and how attendance at JLC LIVE will impact your career growth. Please include a brief paragraph about yourself and any additional information you would like to share.

HBRANV Scholarships do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, race, ethnicity or religion.

Selection Committee and Application Review:

The Selection Committee is typically comprised of members of the Remodelers Council, family members of Brendon Cousino and may also include additional volunteers (educators, donors, individuals with expertise or knowledge in a certain field) who bring their life experience, perspective and local knowledge to the selection process. Selection Committee members are designated by the Officers of the HBRANV Remodelers Council.

Selection Criteria:

The Selection Committee will rank lists of qualified applicants for the scholarship and select the most eligible candidate based on the following criteria:

  • Must be a Vermont resident or student enrolled in a Vermont school
  • Must be working in or pursuing study in a construction/housing related field
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have written references
  • Must complete the essay portion of the application
  • Recipients of our Brendon Cousino Trades Scholarship awards will be posted to homebuildersvt.com website after the announcement is held at the Annual Meeting held in January each year.

We encourage you to visit homebuildersvt.com for updates on future scholarship opportunities. 


Please call HBRANV at 1-802-876-6200, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.