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RBES Updates!

As of July 1, 2024 the 2024 RBES have gone into effect, and will apply to construction commenced on or after the effective date.

The 2024 RBES Code Book and Handbook will be available online on July 1st. Please check the Department of Public Service page (linked below) for more information on the handbook and details on the 2024 RBES updates. 


Click here to view a list of online courses collected by  Efficiency Vermont's EEN Network.  Some very good stuff here - and it is all free!

For information on the 2020 RBES code see the videos and links below

Efficiency Vermont RBES Update and other videos regarding RBES

Click here for zip of supporting documents Efficiency Vermont provided for the VT 2020 RBES Code.

RBES 2020 Mechanical Requirements Presentation by Steve Spatz of Efficiency Vermont

Click here to download the slides from this presentation.

Efficiency Vermont Training Video

2020 RBES Chapter 5 Existing Homes SS:

Efficiency Vermont Training Video

2020 RBES Rx Requirements:

Efficiency Vermont Training Video

2020 RBES Code Change Summary:

Other Education Opportunities and Online Tools

Welcome to the NAHB’s new online learning portal. In this area, you will find and access on-demand courses, live online courses, webinars, replays and more.

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