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VBRA Legislative Preview - Week 7 - February 12, 2024

02/12/2024 4:52 PM | Denis Bourbeau

Note: Legislative Committee Agendas are updated frequently throughout each day. The latest committee schedule can be found on this link. A list of weekly hearings for all committees can be found here.

House Committee Work

Agriculture, Food Resiliency, & Forestry – will continue work on H.701, an act relating to banning the use of neonicotinoid pesticides and take up H.128, an act relating to removing regulatory barriers for working lands businesses.

Appropriations – will consider H.850, an act relating to transitioning education financing to the new system for pupil weighting with a possible vote on Monday. They will review the Senate’s changes to the Budget Adjustment bill on Tuesday and then continue work on the FY 2025 budget. They will possibly vote on H.543, an act relating to Vermont’s adoption of the Social Work Licensure Compact.

Commerce and Economic Development – will hear from the Bankers’ Association on Tuesday regarding H.121, an act relating to enhancing consumer privacy. The latest posted draft is 6.1. They will take testimony related to their jurisdictional budget sections on Tuesday, Vermont Arts and Humanities Councils and Wednesday, Better Places and Downtown Credits; Department of Tourism and Marketing; Vermont Housing. They will take up H.143, an act relating to consumer protections related to the towing and storage of vehicles on Thursday. They will review a new draft of H.121 on Friday afternoon.

Environment and Energy – will spend much of the week on the Act 250 bill, H.687, an act relating to community resilience and biodiversity protection through land use. They will receive introductions to H.587, H.588, and H.597 related to wildlife management from sponsor, Rep. Pat Brennan.

General and Housing will possibly vote on H.132, an act relating to establishing a homeless bill of rights and prohibiting discrimination against persons without homes. They will also consider the following bills: H.432, an act relating to establishing the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for the Institution of Chattel Slavery; H.843, an act relating to the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Commission; and H.725, an act relating to the Human Rights Commission.

Human Services – will continue discussions around General Assistance Housing Modernization and hear from the Developmental Disabilities Housing Initiative on Thursday.

Judiciary – will discuss access to justice on Tuesday. Wednesday, the committee will consider the detention and incarceration of women in Vermont. They will take up H.619, an act relating to creating reciprocal rights to landlord-tenant attorney’s fees and expenses on Friday.

Transportation – will devote most of the week to the Governor’s proposed FY 2025 transportation budget. They will discuss Right-of-Way Permits, Fees on Wednesday.

Ways & Means – TBA.

Senate Committee Work

Agriculture – will spend most of the week on H.81, an act relating to fair repair of agriculture equipment.

Appropriations – TBA.

Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs – TBA. 

Finance – will consider the following bills: S.230, an act relating to Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplemental insurance plans; S.164, an act relating to health insurance coverage for obesity care; S.309, an act relating to miscellaneous changes to laws relative to the Department of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicles and vessels; and, a walk-through from the Chair of House Ways and Means on a “Property Tax Bill” (likely H.850, an act relating to transitioning education financing to the new system for pupil weighting).

Government Operations – will continue work on S.55, an act relating to authorizing public bodies to meet electronically, under Vermont’s Open Meeting Law. They will spend time on S.310, an act relating to natural disaster government response, recovery and resiliency. On Thursday they will receive an overview from the Joint Fiscal Office on Financing Public Infrastructure in Vermont Municipalities. They will also continue work on S.159, an act relating to the county governance study committee and H.554, an act relating to approval of the Town of South Hero Charter.

Health and Welfare – TBA.

Judiciary – will consider S.150, an act relating to automobile insurance, S.58, an act relating to increasing the penalties for dispensing or sale of a regulated drug with death resulting, and S.209, an act relating to prohibiting unserialized firearms and unserialized firearms frames and receivers, and to juvenile offenses in the Criminal Division.

Natural Resources and Energy – will possibly vote on S.213, an act relating to the regulation for wetlands, river corridor development and dam safety.

 Transportation – TBA

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