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How to Have a Growing and More Profitable Business

  • 09/28/2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Easy Webinar

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As a Business Owner, do you ever feel like you just created a job for yourself…

Your business is successful, maybe you’ve even had it for many years now, but without YOU running the show every day, things would fall apart…

Well, you’re not alone.

50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years of opening, and MANY of them fail due to the owner being overworked.

Being overworked and burning out is your main issue, but maybe you even struggle with things like:

Poor Cash Flow

Wavering Profitability

Inability to Bring On & Retain Employees

If any of these sound familiar, we know how you feel…

It feels like being trapped in a corner,

You can’t take any time off because your business NEEDS you to function,

And it seems like you are getting close to burning out with every passing day…

That’s why we created a free training called How to Have a Growing and More Profitable Business.

Go from being stuck working in a job, to running your business like a CEO, where you’ll learn how to improve…

Your Cash Flow

Your Profitability

Your Overall Business Infrastructure

If you want to finally stop working IN your business and start working ON it...

Presentation Overview

Title: How to Have a Growing and More Profitable Business

Subtitle: Learn four steps to boost profits this quarter…taught by a Virtual CFO

Attendees will discover:

  ·     The 5 biggest challenges facing 90% of all small businesses.

·       Why profit is more important than revenue and why cash is more important than profit.

·       4 key steps to go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed about cash, wondering "Where'd all the money go?" to feeling confident, knowing that you're running your business like a CEO, with the numbers driving your decision making.


Shelby Ashley, MBA

Founder and CEO of Optimized Financial Solutions

About Shelby:

Shelby lives in Huntsville, AL but serves clients all over the United States.  She founded Optimized Financial Solutions because she is passionate about translating what business owners see (and are often confused by) on their financial statements, into actionable decisions to help grow their business.  Shelby received her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance as well as her MBA from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  After working in several industries helping large business owners achieve success, she decided to start her own service helping small to medium sized business owners do the same.

About Optimized Financial Solutions:

OFS helps small to medium sized business owners grow their profitability and cash flow by decoding what’s on their financial statements and showing the owner what is working and what is not.  We then guide the owner on which levers to pull within their business to maximize their cash flow and freedom.  Our mission is to help clients go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed about cash, wondering where all the money went, to feeling confident, knowing that they are running their business like a CEO.  This is done through our unique 4-step process, led by a CFO who cares about her clients’ success.



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